Desert Botanical Gardens

Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix

Desert Botanical Garden is nestled within Papago Park and exquisitely kept.  It provides a remarkable exhibit and educational resource that attracts tourists from around Arizona. Furthermore, it serves as an indispensable resource for researchers studying horticulture.

Five meandering trails celebrate the beauty of desert plants, from Instagrammable cacti to shaded succulent patches, these paths showcase breathtaking landscapes in an incredible variety.

If you're visiting Phoenix with an afternoon to spare, the Desert Botanical Garden should be at the top of your itinerary. As one of only 24 accredited botanical gardens by the American Association of Museums, its focus lies within Sonoran Desert plants found across much of Southwest United States.

The Garden is an exquisite collection of cacti and other desert plants from around the world. Visitors can explore various trails on foot or drive through to take a tour bus tour around its grounds. Afterwards they can dine at either Patio Cafe or Desert Botanical Garden Restaurant for lunch.

Although the Desert Botanical Garden is open all year, for optimal experience visit during fall, winter, or spring when temperatures are cooler. You'll get to witness beautiful desert wildflowers as you stroll various pathways, in comfortable weather.

Take advantage of community days or Culture Passes available from your library and visit the garden on them to save money, or purchase membership at a discounted rate; these options could save money over time as they allow free admission and other perks!

It’s Beautiful

Spanning 140 acres, this lush oasis hosts over 50,000 plant displays including Saguaro Cacti and Sonoran Desert plants in their Sonoran Desert exhibit. Additionally, exhibitions, classes tours and horticultural programs take place here as well as souvenir shopping at their gift shop!

Desert Botanical Garden's highlights are its beautiful gardens and the exhibits featuring sculpture and other forms of artistic expression, along with their exquisite sculptures and exhibits. Additionally, events are hosted regularly such as musical concerts, cacti festivals, and its signature Las Noches de Las Luminarias event.

It’s Educational

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is a non-profit museum that promotes research, education and conservation of desert plants.

Interested in exploring more of what grows at Desert Botanical Garden? Sign up for one of the gardening classes - they're free and include a visit to the garden itself! Led by professional instructors, these courses are an excellent way to broaden your knowledge about plants found throughout Phoenix.

Desert Botanical Garden also hosts numerous workshops and educational programs for visitors besides gardening classes, including yoga sessions, cooking demonstrations and lectures on topics like desert flora. Furthermore, cultural healing traditions from around the globe are represented at this garden.

Staying hydrated on your trip to a desert botanical garden is key in Arizona, which experiences hot temperatures all year-round. Carry along a refillable water bottle which you can refill at one of several hydration stations scattered across the garden.

Sunscreen should always be brought with you, even in winter! Because you will be walking a lot, wear shoes that provide maximum comfort, along with a hat and sunglasses to shade from direct sunlight. Also pack snacks or lunch like prickly pear smoothies or Southwestern-style sandwiches!

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